Wednesday, November 13, 2013

wear abouts nr.19

The other day we went to visit Nuville. We took a ride on the bus and we couldn't believe our eyes. Anya Ohmai and Sutabulous Yootz created a game inside a game, where we were transported to a different dimension, combining amazing scenery, sound and movement. It was an astonishing ride. The bus finally left us in a building where the Nuville hunt takes place. Puma had a blast of being scared by the bus trip so decide to go home, but I pretended to be though and went for the hunt, finding the prizes, exploring the place like a kid. Here we show some of the million prizes i got.
As you also know The Mens Dept. is ongoing, an once again we dressed up with some fabulous items from the event, that in some cases exist both for men and woman, so girls and boys should check it out.

On Lu (left):

skin: birdy - snow skin (porcelaine) for the enchanted fair
hair: INK - moat (roots) for the mens dept.
top: pig - ambrosia bodysuit
jacket: blankline - button jackets (gray) for the mens dept.
pants: tram - skinny printed pants
shoes: gabriel - wingt high cut (flower) for the mens dept.
backpack - xiaj - canvas backpack for the chapter four
headband - tokidoki - kammi ribbon (blue)
glasses: Nuville - BOO glasses
lollipop: Nuville - pastel lolliswirl (pink)
candy: Nuville - candy (red)
little monsters: Nuville - squigee and vampire melts

On Puma (right):

skin: mother goose - ai-ii
hair: ink - ogle hair for the mens dept.
glasses: adjunct - flips eyewear
top: overhigh - key piece shirt
ring: ieQED - realize ring for the mens dept.
shorts: tee*fy - abbey highwaist basics mint shorts
shoes: gabriel - wingT high cut snow cheetah  for the mens dept.

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