Tuesday, January 14, 2014

wear abouts nr.30

On Lu (left):
skin: birdy - ingrid skin 
eyes: spring in winter - bling bling eyes (black)
eyeshadow: la malvada mujer - erica 
lips: pink acid - plumped up lips and teeth (petal)
hair: lelutka - hair base part of Helen & ponytail part of Swish (blondefun)
shirt: offbeat - warm layered cardigan (for the chapter four)
skirt: miseria - holly pearl (for the season's story)
pants: b.c.c. - call you mine patch jeans (vintage) (for the season's story)
waist shirt: *coco* shirt around waist (check sky) (for the chapter four)
shoes: half deer - obel sneakers (beautiful day) (for the chapter four)
bag: zenith - call me bag (milk flower) (for the chapter four)
headband: tokidoki - bow lace
necklace: amala - lara's pendant - air (silver) (for the season's story)
books & pose - Imeka - my vintage books (for the season's story)
ring: yummy - relativity ring

On Puma (right):
hat: Zenith -leather trapper hat (for the mens dept)
shirt: moon - wool sweater (for the chapter four)
pants: casa del shai - slim jeans - spring edition
ballerinas: shai - ballerina flats with chain (teal)
camera: amitomo - vintage camera (for kustom9)
scarf - monso

closet: ionic - La valse d'Amelie (for the chapter four)
sewing machine: bbqq - Butterfly Sewing Machine (for the season's story)
snow jars: [ keke ] snow jars 
armchair: aisling - catty's comfy armchair (for the season's story)
tree: aisling - Catty's Bottles Lamps (for the season's story)
ground petals: aisling - Catty's Ground Petals (for the season's story)

Monday, January 6, 2014

wear abouts nr.29

There is something almost magical about a woman in lingerie. You can play any part a seductress, an innocent angel or just be simply extremely girly. Roslin Petion creates wonderful pieces to  make a woman feel amazing no matter which role you want to fill.
Lu and I are shy pies, so of course we went the cutesy sweet route. Dressing up for almost a fancy slumber party with masks included!

I am very proud of my partnership with Lu and even more excited that she is creating things in mesh for Second Life. These masks can be purchased at The Chapter Four and be sure to stop by Roslin's shop to check out her lovely creations.

on Lu (left):

skin: birdy - snow skin
lips: pink acid - plumped lippy (red)
hair: lamb - thieves like us (washed out)
corset: luxuria - rosa underbust corset (cherry blossom)
bra: luxuria - rosa lingerie (blue fog)
leggings: tee*fy - raindrops leggings
socks: maitreya - dhalia mesh socks (white)
mask: lulu bear - the bear mask (for the chapter four)
bow: tokidoki - bow lace

on Puma (right):

skin: tres blah - blessa
hair: laviere - momo/mint
eyes: song - xy honey eyes (for kustom9)
lips: essences - song lipgloss 10
mask: lulu bear - polar bear mask (for the chapter four)
bow scarf: yummy - bow scarf
fur stole: coco - fur tippet & pearls
clutch: le primitif - cat bag (for kustom9)
bra: ooh la la - veronica bows bra
corset: luxuria - cherie under bust corset
panties: luxuria - amalie panties
socks: maitreya - dahlia socks flat


chairs: ionic - las sillas 
clothing rack: aria - gaia clothing rack with light
curtains: bbqq - curtains a (lake)

Monday, December 30, 2013

wear abouts nr.28

First we want to apologise for our slow posting lately. Christmas time, plus rl and sl work have been keeping us busy. But the good thing is we just made this post on time to wish you all the best for 2014!!!! We meet next year <3

On Puma (left):
Skin: tres blah - blessa - light
Hair: d!va - lana
Glasses: miwardrobe - imagine glasses 
Scarf: fashionably dead - cozy scarf - black (collabor88)
Top: !O - ct 3/4 sleeved - black (discontinued)
Jumper: cashmere - zumada jumpsuit 
Shoes: fashionably dead - platform cuties (old the arcade)

On Lu (right):
skin: birdy - snow skin
liner: birdy - liner 9
lips: pink acid - plumped lippy (red02)
hair: dura - 50 (strawberry)
shirt: color me h.o.f. - silk tee (black) @ inspiration point hunt
skirt: tee*fy - stella highwaisted short skirt (night) @ inspiration point hunt
coat: tres blah - oversized coat (navy) for collabor88
leggings: maik - long legging (charcoal) (discontinued)
shoes: Flite - corporals (white)
bag: pesca - bird bag (dusk)
necklace1: yummy - magic hour pendant
necklace2: yummy - true believer charm necklace
headband: tokidoki - bow funk

Saturday, December 21, 2013

wear abouts nr.27

On Puma (left):

skin: birdy - ingrid (frost)
hair: laviere - elizabeth (old collab88)
mask: schadenfreude - âme d'oiseau mask (discontinued)
scarf: tentacio - urban scarf (girl ombre pink)
top: b.c.c. - alle top (group gift)
pants: veschi - jump her! tapered pants (discontinued)
shoes: whonose - ballet flats stars (discontinued)

On Lu (right):

skin: birdy -snow skin
lips: dead apples - balm stains (natural)
hair: lelutka - Serena (blonde fun)
top: tee*fy - bella ruffles camisole (white)
shawl: pesca - shawl wrap (linen - pink)
bodysuit: kyoot - plain white bodysuit (discontinued)
necklace: natural - angel wing
bangles: AA - twinkle bangle (discontinued)
leg and arm wraps: scribble - ballet wraps (white) (discontinued)
butterflies: ohmai! butterflies aplenty & canimal - skellyflies


clutches: offbeat - unicorn clutch
trapeze: scribble (for DU4) (discontinued)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

wear abouts nr.26

On Puma (left):

hair: .lulu bear. - jam (black) for kustom9
top: pesca - fluffy tank top (red flowers) for the chapter four
dog: .lulu bear. - the dogs (yellow) for the chapter four
jeans: casa del shai - slim jeans mesh
cat purse - 2:00pm for the chapter four

On Lu (right):

skin: the skinnery - alice
hair & bow: .lulu bear. - jam (blonde) for kustom9
dress: color me h.o.f - basic maxi (nude)
top: pesca - fluffy tank top (denim) for the chapter four
shoes: gabriel - high cut shoes (white) for the mens dept.
bag: cashmere & keane - auda destroyed bag for the chapter four
cat purse - 2:00pm for the chapter four
sunglasses: miwardrobe - imagine glasses (purple) for kustom9

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

wear abouts nr.25

Here we are showcasing some new items from the chapter four and the mens dept. So Puma decided to turn into a Lion ;). It was one moment to remember so we made this kind of family portrait so we can live through history in some museum. Hope you enjoy all the cute items in these events!!!

On Puma (right):
skin: clef de peau - ryan for the mens dept
hair: ink - ogle
jacket: c'est la vie - shawl collar cardigan for the chapter four
shirt: lucien marcelo - black leather pin tucked tank  for the men's dept
hobo stick: xiaj - elephant vagabond (grey)
pants: d r o p. - casual pants

shoes: love re me - boots (black & white) for the mens dept
pose: skbio - garca 3 

On Lu (left):
skin: birdy - snow skin
lips: pink acid - plumped lippy (red)
hair: lulu bear (coming soon)
dress: potcha - coller dress nr. 5 for the chapter four
cardigan: c'est la vie - shawl collar cardigan (winter blue) for the chapter four
neck gloves: tokame - snowy day's mitten (bittersweet) for the chapter four
socks: anexx - vaudevillian shoes socks (discontinued)
shoes: love re me: boots (black & white) for the mens dept
knee tattoo: snowflake - winter ribbon 
dog: lulu bear - the dogs - rudolph for the chapter four
pose: Imeka - lu pose 3

unicorn: ionic - mi unicornio for the chapter four

Thursday, December 5, 2013

wear abouts nr.24

Today we are posting about adventures, and this one in the picture looks like a trip to the moon, as always with puma standing by my side and our sweet friend Jam to make it funnier. Although a trip to the moon was something, the biggest adventure for me (Lu Waffle) was starting to make mesh. So this started about two months ago, I decided to give it a try, with no expectations. Since I had a previous hair store in sl names waffles!, after a month or experiments, I finally tried some hair... far from knowing all crazy process involved. Although advised by all my friends on the difficulty of hair making (stubborn as I am) I went for it... so much questions, so much hours of trial and error. I want to apologize publicly to all my dear friends that were bugged over and over again ahahaha *sorry guys* and also thank them for all the support, you made possible for me to open Lulu Bear. So I still have a long journey of training ahead of me, hoping to perfect my work and i wish you guys can accompany me on it. <3

on Lu (left):
skin: birdy - snow skin (porcelaine)
lips: dead apples - balm stains (natural)
eyes: la malvada mujer - erica 
hair: .lulu bear. - sue (blonde) new!!!
hat: toro - blue suede fedora (kustom9)
shirt: le primitif - folded sleeve tee (cream) for the chapter four
skirt: drop - ladys feminine skirt for the chapter four
boots: monso - my combat ankle boots (silver)
socks: ohmai! part of emerge (discontinued)
telescope: *december* astronomical telescope
collar: ohmai! part of emerge (discontinued)
watch: ison - vispera watch

on Puma (center):
skin: the skinnery - alice
hair: lulu bear - sue (black) new!!!
collar: olive -  the twigs a choking collar (discontinued)
top: veschi - off the chain (discontinued)
bottoms: tres blah - metallic glitter shorts (collabor88)
shoes: beetlebones - fowler laced up boots (collabor88)

on Jam (right):
hair: lulu bear - sue (light blonde) new!!!
shirt: drop - ladys feminine shirt for the chapter four