Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wear Abouts Nr.1

So here is our first post for Wear Abouts. We are two girls that met some years ago in sl. After a two year hiatus we're back and reunited, by the love/hate of mesh. Helping each other through all the newness in sl this blog happened. 


Who is Lu Waffle: Lu was the owner of Waffles! hair, and is co creator of Designers United event. Lu is a workaholic, serious girl, with great trouble to talk in chat. 

art (contemporary art, modernism, art history); philosophy; polar bears; hairstyles; Liszt; raspberry; waffles; Tim Walker; Sarah Moon; the smell of apple and cinnamon during christmas time.

drama; tuna; bees; hipsters.

Who is Puma Jie: I like to network. Let's mingle... you bring the wine and I'll make the cheese. Okay, that was pretty bad but let's roll with it <3

choco; sushi; firm hugs; sounds that give me goosebumps (in a good way!); making photos; the pacific ocean; late night scenic drives; colourful fashion; all things birds and funky architecture.

those who complain about things that they aren't willing to change; thin eyebrows.


On Lu (left):

skin: Birdy - Ingrid Skin (Pure) Natural Bare

lips: .tsg. Lip Tinte - Bitten 

freckles: Tres Blah

eyes: Umeboshi for marukin - Intense dark brown (for Designers United 5)

hair: (Chemistry) - Tamora

Hair Bow: Rachelbreaker - super super Headbow

bra and undies: Luxuria - Amalie (cream)

necklace1: +HalfDeer+ Forest Spirit Necklace (bear)

necklace2: Sleepy Eddy - Penny Parthing Necklace (silver)

Pose: Dfo! - Twiggy - the one and only

On Puma (right):

skin: Birdy - Lily Skin (Pure) 

freckles: Tres Blah

eyes: Tres Blah - Jejune Atlas eyes

hair: Lamb - cities in dust (unicorn)

headband: Royal Blue - the damsil (discontinued)

bra and undies: Luxuria - Amalie (quarry)

necklace: le maque chat blanc necklace by mijn boa and dakota buck (discontinued)

food: !Ohmai: mochi mouse (designers United 5)

pose: Dfo! Beach - Just ditched out on our own party

Please check our flickr here

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